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With growing Internet use and the explosion of social media, small businesses are no longer at a disadvantage. They can sell their products and services worldwide to anyone, target any segment or region of the population and position themselves for future growth. Small-sized businesses can now sell their products and services online , without the need for costly infrastructure. They are able to explain their services and are certain that they will grow when their methods are correct.

However, the lynchpin for the entire process is a website, and all aspects are based on the same. When visitors come to the site of a small business, they should be able to feel comfortable and quickly find what they are looking for. People are more concerned about data security whenever they interact with anyone on the Internet. To maintain trust and build relationships, users must be sure that a website is safe.

That's where the importance of SSL certificates comes into. SSL is able to be expanded to Secured Socket Layer. This certificate is a small file that digitally binds the cryptographic keys to information about the company. To establish a secure session using web browsers, companies need an SSL certificate. Once the certificate is installed the protocol used by the application changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Depending on the web browser, a padlock and/or an orange bar appear.

The main advantages of small businesses are

1.) SSL is important to drive home business credibility

In proactively by proactively installing the SSL certificate, companies demonstrate that they care about data security. The installation of an SSL certificate is not an operation that can be purchased off the shelf. Before issuing an SSL certificate, a governing authority reviews a variety of things to confirm that the business is authorized.

2.) Data Integrity

With SSL certification, there is encryption of data, files are prevented from becoming corrupted while they are transferred, and are protected against malicious attacks. This guarantees that only the intended recipients receive information and that no third party can intercept it.

3) Google supports SSL

Google SEO considers SSL certification to be one of the requirements. Nearly 40% of organic listings that appear on the top of Google are HTTPS. Since 2014, HTTPS has been a signal in Google’s algorithm.

All of this will result in increased customer trust and more conversions that is the main goal of any business with an online presence. Therefore, it is a given that SSL certificates are essential for every small company website.

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